Our Special Olive Oil


Extra Virgin Olive Oil Superior Quality
We cultivate health.

The polyphenols of extra virgin olive oil contribute to the protection of blood lipids and oxidative stress. The beneficial effects are obtained through the daily intake of 20 gr. of olive oil.

EU Regulation Directive 432/2012 of 05/16/2012.

The Food and Drug Administration has revised the definition of this food. It does so well in preventing and combating a number of diseases that it must be considered as a “drug”.

Qualitative parameters Values
Reference values
EVO oil
Reference values
Reference values
High Quality EVO oil
Acidity 0,24 < 0,8 < 0,6 < 0,3
peroxides 7,3 < 20 < 12 < 8
Polyphenols 444 >150 >150 > 200

Biophenolic profile of our TOSCANO BIO
Analysis performed by Analitycal FOOD Via dell’Orcagna 70 – 50121 Firenze

What does Extra Virgin Olive means

TOSCANO BIO is obtained from the first pressing of healthy olives, harvested by hand as in the past and pressed in the day.

Its processing takes place only through mechanical processes without the addition of additives. In practice, olives are not subjected to chemical treatments.

The acidity level of the oil must not exceed 0.8%.

There are countless clinical and epidemiological studies that highlight the nutritional and healthy qualities of this food, considered the best, the most suitable for human consumption of all the widely consumed fats.

Over the years, extra virgin olive oil has remained a genuine and natural product, a nectar rich in substances beneficial for health so much that it can be called nutraceutical: nutritious food with pharmaceutical properties.

The most important health principles of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Oleic acid (monounsaturated fat)
It prevents arterial lesions, reduces cardiovascular risks, helps to keep cholesterol and diabetes levels under control.

Oleocantal whose anti-inflammatory action in the body is comparable to the best known Ibuprofen, one of the most widely used non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (OKI, Nurofen, Moment, Cibalgina). It performs an analgesic and anti-inflammatory activity, reduces the typical plaques of Alzheimer’s disease, performs an immunoregulatory activity.

Oleoeuropein polyphenol contained in superior quality extra virgin olive oil, it is an effective aid in the prevention of cancer, it is a cardioprotector, it is one of the antioxidants par excellence, it effectively counteracts free radicals and protects our body from phenomena deriving from oxidative stress; it is 10 times higher than the antioxidant action of green tea and twice as much as Coenzyme Q10.

Tocopherols They are antioxidant substances that are found in oils, especially in olive oil and can constitute a value for oil, among these we find the most famous vitamin E that acts by capturing free radicals, promoting cell renewal.

Vitamin E Its characteristics make it an important cancer prevention tool, it protects the body from the damage of pollution, cigarette smoke, as well as assimilation of proteins.

Healthful effects of polyphenols

The main properties of oil polyphenols are:

Antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory action.
Prevention of cardio vascular disorders and cholesterol.
Beneficial action in the degenerative processes of the nervous system.
Help with eating disorders and diabetes.

In depth:

We propose some documents elaborated by Prof. Claudio Di Veroli, nephrologist specialist and diabetologist and expert in arterial hypertension, corresponding academic of the National Academy of Olives and Oil.

The Mediterranean diet

An excellent reference for correct nutrition is the Tuscan Food Pyramid, a project of our Region that indicates the correct proportions of foods that should never be missing from our diet.

At the second level of the PAT there is extra virgin olive oil which, in addition to being one of the major ambassadors of Tuscany in the world, has beneficial virtues in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, tumors, hypertension, diabetes and some diseases of the skin.

The recommendation is to use extra virgin olive oil for both seasoning and cooking. Of course in moderation, also due to the high calorie content typical of oils and fats.

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