La Bottega di Gramineta


All the goodness of the organic wheat grown in Tuscany enclosed in our BIO Pasta.
It should be tasted, savored, eaten …….
500 gr pack.

3,122,00Sale 36%

500 gr.
3,122,00Sale 36%

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From the organic grains grown exclusively in Tuscany our pasta is born, dried at low temperature (about 55 °) through a process that lasts from 13 to 24 hours.

This is the only way to avoid the harmful effects of modern production plants that alter the semolina, the main ingredient of the pasta, making it less digestible and tasteless.

Tasting insights

Pasta a nido assolutamente priva di rotture, controllata direttamente dall’operatore.

Vengono effettuate almeno tre volte alla settimana prove di cottura.

Per questo motivo la pasta risulta molto ruvida dunque idonea a trattenere i condimenti e di eccellente tenuta in cottura.


As per Italian and Tuscan tradition, it releases the maximum of its goodness with meat or vegetable sauces.

We invite you to try it with our ORGANIC Tomato Sauce and a drizzle of ORGANIC TUSCAN EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL Toscano BIO.


Nutraceutical and health aspects of durum wheat semolina products; dry pasta and long-life egg pasta.

Durum wheat semolina differs from other flours because it has a yellowish color and is much more grainy, especially compared to white flour.

Products made exclusively of durum wheat semolina (dry pasta) are rich in mineral salts, vitamins and fibers and have a very low glycemic index, because inside there are complex carbohydrates. In this type of flour there are carotenoids such as beta-carotene and lutein, which are excellent optimal antioxidants to prevent and combat cellular aging.
Furthermore, the complex carbohydrates contained in this type of product ensure a gradual release of energy over time. Dry pasta is rich in gluten and highly protein, it contains gluten and also various groups of vitamins.

The ideal pasta consumption consists of about 80 grams of product, the ideal seasoning in our opinion is with a drizzle of raw extra virgin olive oil; you will be able to fully appreciate the excellent organoleptic qualities of our PASTABIO.

Studies have shown that pasta has the lowest glycemic index among carbohydrates. All this would also promote heart protection, as the low glycemic index does not raise the levels of reactive protein C, which has been shown to be linked to cardiovascular risk.

It contains very little sodium and many fibers, the latter fundamental in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and tumors, especially in the digestive system.

Organic Operator CodeCCPB
Production ZoneToscana - Italia
Ingredients"organic" Tuscan durum wheat semolina, water 12.50%
AllergensGluten and Eggs
Nutritional Valueper 100g. of product
Energy ValueKj 1499/Kcal 353
Fatsg. 1.5
of which saturatedg. 0.3
Carbohydratesg. 72.2
of which sugar g. 3.1
Fiberg. 3.0
Proteing. 12
Saltg. 0.005
batch and deadlinesee the back of the package

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